Apps That Make Money In Nigeria

These 2 Apps Will Help You Earn More Money in Nigeria

Apps That Make Money In Nigeria – Download Mobile App That Helps You Save and Earn a High Annual Return on Investment With I-Invest and PayDay Investors App

Yesterday, I decided to look for a personal finance app that will help me track my finance, save better and monitor where I spend more on Google Play Store, the amazing thing I discovered was that there were more mobile apps for tracking expenses, bill payment than income apps, then I asked, are there no app that helps one invest and make money in Nigeria, at least one that could encourage savings and investment? On a further search, I found two mobile that makes money in Nigeria for those looking for fixed income investment opportunities:

Best Mobile Apps That Make Money In Nigeria

I-Invest Mobile App

This app is tailored to individuals who would like to invest in fixed income securities, as of this writing, Treasury Bills is the only short-term investment you can easily buy via the mobile app, and earn interest on, for 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 days tenor. I-Invest is suitable for investors with idle cash but aren’t willing to take a risk but are looking for moderate returns that beat savings account.

In summary, I-Invest app:

  • Let’s you track your various Treasury Bill portfolios
  • Fund your investment online.
  • Request for withdrawal by entering your bank details.

You can read more about the I-invest mobile application for Treasury bill investment.

PayDay Investors App

The PayDay Investors App, managed by ARM investments, is primarily designed to encourage savings but with higher interest return compared to your traditional savings account. While your bank savings will only earn you a paltry 2-3% annual return as long as you do not exceed the number of withdrawal stated on the terms on a monthly or annual basis, the PayDay Investors’ App add more juice to your cash savings by investing your money into a money market fund where the returns are above your normal rate. The app also automates your savings on a selected interval which means, you don’t have to walk into a bank to make payment, your savings are deducted from your account with ARM professional fund managers on standby to allocate into your funds into risk-free investments.

You can learn more about the PayDay Investors App here.

While these are the two apps that make money in Nigeria, feel free to let us know what you think, your experience so far and if you know other apps that could help more people earn more, please share your comments below.

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