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Barclays Bank Mobile App For Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry & Windows – Download Barclays Bank UK Internet Banking For Deposit, Transfers, & Check Balance

Barclays PLC is an English multinational bank and financial services company with headquarter in London, United Kingdom. It is a global bank with universal reach, offering products and services from personal to corporate and investment banking, wealth management and credit cards. It operates in over 40 countries and employs about 120,000 people. Barclays Bank is organized into four core businesses, which are: Barclaycard, Personal & Corporate (Corporate Banking,  Personal Banking as well as Wealth & Investment Management), Investment Banking and Africa.

The origin of Barclays traces back to a goldsmith banking business which was established in the City of London in 1690 of which James Barclay became a partner in the business in 1736.  By 1896 various banks in London and the English provinces, which includes Gurney’s Bank and Backhouse’s Bank, united as a joint-stock bank under the name of Barclays and Co. Decades later, Barclays expanded to become a nationwide bank. In the year 1967, Barclays deployed the world’s first ATM machine, also knows as a cash dispenser. Barclays is primarily listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 100 Index. It also has a secondary listing on America’s New York Stock Exchange.  The largest shareholder of the company is the Qatar Holdings, an investment vehicle of the State of Qatar.

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What You Should Know About the Barclays Bank Mobile App For Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry & Windows

You can manage your business and primary account on the app as well as your Barclaycard cum Barclays mortgage accounts. While doing that, you can check your balances and your recent transactions.

With the Barclays Bank mobile banking application, you can transfer funds between accounts make payments to people already on your Payee list or people you’ve paid before, all within the mobile application.

That’s not all, the app is totally secured with zero chance for hacking and with the location feature can help you find the nearest Barclays branch or ATM machine.

The Barclays Bank mobile application is available for FREE for both Android and Apple devices. Download today and enjoy these and other amazing features from the Barclays bank.

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