Best Football Betting Sites in Nigeria

Top 3 Football Betting Sites to Bet Online in Nigeria

Best Football Betting Sites in Nigeria – Bet9ja, NairaBet & MerryBet Are The Top Betting Apps to Download for Champions League, Premier League & La Liga.

It’s no news that many Nigerian bets on a daily basis. Back in the days, it was what they called pool that old men play by looking at some tiny sheets and doing some calculations, in this century, however, the level has changed! Betting has been taken the World Wide Web and real betters know better. But when it comes to football betting, the question has always been, if you want to bet in Nigeria, where should you put your money and what betting company can you trust based on their website rating?

These imperative questions will take us to my top football betting websites in Nigeria as at today.

List Of Best Football Betting Sites in Nigeria

  1. Bet 9ja

Bet 9ja  have been reported to have the highest odds as well as the highest bonus. They have a large customer-base and this might be attributed to the main fact that they pay on time.

Unlike some few, Bet 9ja are no scammers as they have been in the sports betting business in Nigeria for a while and have been paying well and are still paying their winning bettors.

Bet 9ja’s website is user-friendly, loads fast and never hangs. Bet9ja website is ranked as the 2nd website in Nigeria and is no doubt the top of the top football betting websites in Nigeria. You may check it out more information about Bet9ja apps here

  1. Naira Bet

Nairabet, just like Bet 9ja is also one of the leading betting sites in Nigeria and the website is said to have dated back to 2009, amazing! Although Naira Bet was said to be the first Nigerian betting company to come up with a functioning website, according to Alexa, it ranks number 26th website in the country. And of course, it’s also the first Nigerian betting company to be legalized and regulated.

Nairabet has also been known to pay as quick as within 15 hours. Besides the increasing bonus on accumulated matches, bettors can transfer withdrawals to their bank account upon request. You may check more info on NairaBet here.

  1. Merry Bet

Merry Bet is one of the most popular betting websites in the country and famous for its slogan, “where champions play”. Merry Bet website ranks 106th in the country and is justified by a ton of features. Merry Bet website has the instant payment which allows withdrawal cum transfers from bettors Merry Bet account into their local bank accounts within seconds.

Merry Bet is also popular for its 100% bonus on first deposit including bonus on accumulated bets not to even mention the fact that bets can also be placed on live matches. Get more details about app.

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