Best Investment Apps in Nigeria

These Apps Let you Save and Invest for Higher Returns

Best Investment Apps in Nigeria – Mutual Funds, Treasury Bills, & Stock – Find Apps Lets you Invest in Low Risk, High Return Investments Opportunities.

Owning a smartphone isn’t just about making and receiving calls, playing music and watching videos, the tool you have on your palm can actually transform the way you earn, spend, saving and invest money if you have the right application installed on it. We are now in the 4th industrial revolution where everything is driven by technology and investment isn’t left out.

Unlike the traditional way of scouting investment opportunities where you approach your financial adviser for the next best asset class to invest in, your smartphone apps let you monitor investment opportunities from where and with one or two apps, you can connect your payment card to your apps, transfer money and invest.

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In this guide, I will show you the best investment apps in Nigeria that offer high return opportunities compared to your regular savings account.

Best Investment Apps in Nigeria

These apps will be categorized according to the asset classes they are built to cover:

Stock Market Apps

The stock market remains one of the best platforms to invest in fast-growing companies. It is a financial exchange where you buy and sell shares at market price. In Nigeria, you can access the Nigerian Stock Exchange market via a stockbroker but all that is changing, thanks to these two stock trading apps:

Savings App

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing environment, savings isn’t a choice anymore. Everyone is expected to keep a certain percentage of his income or save it in an interest-bearing account. I wouldn’t advise anyone to keep cash he/she isn’t using in a savings account or else, you will be enriching your bank with more interest as they lend to their high net worth customers at a higher rate. Inflationary pressure is increasing every year and if you can’t keep pace with the rate, you might be losing faster than you think.

Here are savings and fixed investment mobile apps that will help earn higher rates from your idle cash above your bank’s savings account:

While these are some of the best investment apps you should download on your mobile phone, we will update this guide with more savings and investment apps to install.

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