Best Mobile Banking Apps in Nigeria

Best Mobile Banking Apps To Send Money, Recharge Airtime & Pay Bills

Best Mobile Banking Apps in Nigeria – Download Top Android & iPhone App To Send Money Faster, Recharge MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile Glo & Pay DSTV, GOTV, PHCN Bills

So today we will look at a list of the top three mobile banking apps in Nigeria and compare the features available for customers to explore. Without wasting much time, let’s go!


GTB has always been known to be bank for the youth market segment and this evidently reflects on their app; you can easily use the app to pay for bills as well as the addition of opportunities to indulge in social activities such as paying for cinema tickets and even church contributions, which is a major plus for this generation. The security aspect of the GTB mobile app is top notch as you get notified by email each a login attempt is made on your application. This is good as it gives no room for hackers to access your via your mobile app. GTBank recently updated their login password for their mobile application from four to six digits which users have commended.

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Right on the GTB mobile application, you can access all your accounts with GTBank; be it savings, current, even foreign currency accounts as well and you can make transfers between those accounts and to other financial institutions. Don’t forget you can do a quick top up from the GTB mobile application without even logging in. isn’t that amazing!

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Zenith Bank

The simplicity of Zenith bank’s interface says a lot. Zenith bank mobile application, also known as Zenith eaZyoney is very easy to use and straight to the point. It is easy to register save for internet banking users who would require a hardware token cum internet banking pin. This some users consider as excessive since the idea of having a bank’s mobile application is to put your bank right in your pocket. That being said, it is quite appropriate security wise.

Using the Zenith Bank’s mobile application is as simple as downloading the light-weight app and registering your device on it. It only requires a few details plus your mobile, number and you’re good to go. Besides making transactions between Zenith and other banks, you can also make cheque and ATM card requests as well as locate any Zenith bank near you.

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UBA’s mobile app is one of a kind; an innovative and well-rounded application for its users. Not only does the UBA mobile app care for online demands, the app is somewhat useful offline as well, especially with providing shortcodes to its users.

The most incredible aspect of the app is the automatic synchronization (syncing) of user’s device with the security system. This is evident with the fingerprint functionality of the app where all you have to do is simply enable the fingerprint function. Of course, you do several transactions on the UBA mobile app with ease.

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While these are our favourite and best mobile banking apps in Nigeria as of this writing, it doesn’t mean other banking applications aren’t offering great service. We only rate our app on popularity, ease of use and security.

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