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Bounce News APK App Download For Android & iPhone – Get Latest Nigerian Newspaper Headline & Breaking News Today On

Bounce News is a news media company, based in Nigeria that will bring you everyday stories from within Nigeria and internationally. With Bounce, you own your experience by choosing stories that are of interest to you. Which means you will get important breaking news, trending political matters, must-know sports, music, fashion, and entertainment cum health stories relevant to you. All these stories are sourced by Bounce from the best Nigerian and international media sources, all in one place.

You can now be the owner of your local and international news with Bounce’s own personalized news feed made just for you. Bounce is also super fast and uses low data.

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Features of the Bounce News APK App Download For Android & iPhone You Need to Know

The Bounce News application for Android is an application that offers the best news for you on your mobile phone is an advanced news aggregation application that gives you unlimited local and international news to meet your interests, allowing you to simultaneously save data and allow sharing on social networks.

High-speed news updates provided by its multiple sources in Nigeria and abroad, the News app is constantly updated with the latest stories and event updates as they’re taking place.

Customize and manage your news based on your interests: Unlike other news application that delivers several news stories across different areas of interest, Bounce application lets you select only the things you are interested in.

The Bounce news app provides you with the latest news from various news sources with utmost authority and good reputation in the media, which means with Bounce, you don’t get false information.

To better preserve your data you can save stories you’re interested in so you read them offline. This feature is especially useful for users travelling long trips that would lose network coverage on the road.

The application is lightweight which takes less than 8MB space on Android and can work well even under unfavourable network conditions, it also has a friendly user interface.

You can download the application and install on your Android and Apple devices for easy access to news on the go.

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