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Busted – Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

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Busted – A Nigerian Nollywood Movie produced by the duo of Face Onu and Lisa Onu

The Movie “Busted” – Queen, born as a girl child into a decent home whose father’s strictness and mother’s ignorance led her into the arms of the maid whose consolation changed her entire being.

Now as a grown woman unknown to her parents Queen has a different understanding to Life and has taken to a new lifestyle, she eventually meets The Love of her life Blessing; another beautiful young lady who willingly surrendered to the lifestyle due to the economic hardship.

The movie stars – Paul Obazele, Liz Benson Ameye, Kate Henshaw, Tony Umez, Ik Ogbonna, Bryan Okwara, Lisa Onu Chika Kalu, Janelle Ezeanaka, Vanessa Onu

Busted is showing at Silverbird Cinemas, Genesis Deluxe & Ozone Cinemas nationwide.

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