Cheapest Way to Transfer Money to Nigeria From Abroad

Best Low-Fee Money Transfer Apps to Send Money to Nigeria

Cheapest Way to Transfer Money to Nigeria From Abroad & Best Sending Rates in USA, Canada, UK, * Europe – Compare Low Fees Money Transfer App on Android & iOS Stores

Every money transfer mobile apps have a feature that charges you an upfront sending fee which you must pay before initiating send transactions from abroad to your friends or relatives in Nigeria. These charges couldn’t be within a range but aren’t the same. While some companies could hit with an unexpected hidden cost for handling cash or factoring local bank charges, others could display their rates on the app UI which users must be aware of.

This post will help you discover some of our selected money transfer apps that lets users send money from USA, Canada, UK or Europe to Nigeria at a cheap rate. These apps were picked based on transparency; you can see what they will charge you for sending.

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1. EasyNaira App

My first impression made feel this is another Nigerian-based mobile app, at least the name alone is a proof but a closer review of EasyNaira revealed that the UK registered and regulated money transfer app is one of the trusted remittance services serving Nigerians based in the UK.

Some of the key features of EasyNaira money transfer app are:

  •  Fast transfers from the UK to Nigeria
  • – 0% commission
  • – Excellent exchange rates
  • – Low transfer fees
  • Store your beneficiaries and pay by debit card or bank transfer.

How it works

Best Transfer Rate for Sending Money

  • Enter the amount of GBP you want to send.
  • You will see the Naira equivalent of the GBP.
  • EasyNaira will then display your transfer fees and the exchange rate applied as when the money was sent.
  • You will then see the total amount deductible from your bank account
  • Click on “Send” to proceed with the rest.
EasyNaira is available for FREE download on Android & iOS store

2. Transferwise App

This is another money transfer app that prides itself as a truly borderless service provider for expats, foreign students, businesses, freelancers and people living abroad to send money securely, conveniently to Nigeria at the cheapest rate. Transferwise uses the real-time exchange rate to help convert the currencies – EURO, GBP, USD etc, to local Naira.
You can use Transferwise to:
  • Send money to a family member in Nigeria
  • Pay a bill in another country’s currency
  • Pay off your mortgage or loan abroad
  • Hold and manage your money in 28 currencies.

Cheapest Way to Transfer Money to Nigeria From Abroad

Transferwise app is also available for FREE download on Android & iOS store

3. WorldRemit Money Transfer App

I have been receiving from my friends in the UK via the WorldRemit money transfer mobile app. The simplicity and flexibility offered by WorldRemit is the instant transfer feature built to make your cash deposited into the recipient’s bank account via eTranzact’s payment platform. The app comes with industry-leading payment security to ensure users are protected from unauthorized access.

Cheapest Way to Transfer Money to Nigeria From Abroad

You can see more details about WorldRemit payment app for your smartphone here

You can compare the money transfer rates of these three apps to see which is lower for sending money to Nigeria from Abroad and faster. In terms of arrival, WorldRemit and Transferwise are better but on fees, EasyNaira is preferable.

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