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Download African Magic Movies Online Free on Mobile – Watch Latest Nollywood African Magic EPIC, Urban, Family, Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba – for 2019, & 2020

If you own the GoTV or DSTV decoder, African Magic shouldn’t be a strange name to you; it is the home of quality Nollywood movies where you get to watch movies all through the day without getting bored. DSTV multichoice, the sponsor of African Magic has partnered with local filmmakers and producers to make thousands of home movies available to you on payment of your monthly subscriptions.

African Magic is a keen competitor of iRokoTV and iBakaTV; while the latter is 100% mobile applications designed to showcase latest movies on mobile, soap opera, the former is available on a pay-TV platform.

This guide is posted to show you how to download African Magic Movies for FREE on your smartphone so you can always watch and re-watch offline. But before, I share the full tips to get any African Magic movies, let’s talk about various African Magic offers.

African Magic comes in the different package to suit millions of local subscribers based on their lifestyle or preferences: We have African Magic EPIC, African Magic Igbo, African Magic Hausa, African Magic Yoruba, African Magic Showcase and African Magic Urban.

Each of these packages lets you enjoy 247 entertainment, shares latest gist and trending stories while giving you access to thousands of latest movies which you can save from YouTube Go App.

African Magic Showcase: You have movies like Brother Jekwu, Let’s Have A Wedding, Taboo, Play Toy, While We Work Things Out, Entrapped, The CEO, Road To Yesterday, Perfect Union, Mystery, Perfect Plan, etc,

African Magic Urgan: Big Brother Naija, Pulse, Signs of Love, The Missing, Next Door Nightmare, Umogwo, PayBack, Desperate Baby Mama, Finishing Strong, etc

African Magic Family: Start Gist, Music On African Magic, Deal or No Deal Nigeria, We Are Africans, Do Good, Hotel Majestic, Tears of Love, Jara, Tinsel, The Johnsons, Mudi Goes To School, The Lola Show, The Event Pro, etc

African Magic EPIC: Living With A Stranger, Lion Man, Olanma, Wonder Sisters, Ibu In Youth Service, Story For The Gods, etc

African Magic Hausa: Gambu Majin Kulu, Karar Kwana, Tsiyar Nasara, Rayuwa, Badakala, Talaka Bawan Allah, etc

African Magic Igbo: Amechi Onye Uka, Monica Na Ofoma, Oge Nkwa, Olu Ndi Izi, Oga Jonas, Nkewa, etc

African Magic Yoruba: Osupa, Sunmisola, Ajaku Akata, Egungun Eja, Karaole, Eku Oro Aje, Olowosibi, etc

You can also follow more movies on DSTV mobile app for Android smartphones, it’s free. On how to download African Magic movies to your device, go to YouTube Go App for live movie streaming or use this guide on how to download any movies to your phone, just search the name of the movies and follow the steps.

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