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Download Baby Names App For Couples – Android, iPhone & iPad, BlackBerry – Get Best Baby Name Ideas For Boys, Girls For FREE On Your Mobile.

All parents love to think and believe that their baby is unique; they see them as the cutest, beautiful, brightest and most engaging infant ever born. One of the ways parents seek to reflect the uniqueness of their child is by giving them equally distinctive, beautiful and sometimes weird names. Parents have often struggled with what to name their child, and for good reason. According to the Talmudic tradition in Judaism, a baby’s name is the first gift given to it and it has always been an imperative decision for parents.

Again, since technology has practically taken over every aspect of pregnancy — from being sure that the time is right to conceive to tracking your baby’s growth in the womb — it should not be too surprising that baby naming has found a nice little niche in the world of mobile applications. A quick warning here, fiddling around with these can become a bit addictive as the aim is to create a short list of the best possible names for a newborn baby. Naming a new baby is hands-down one of the most exciting cum nerve-wracking tasks one would face as an expectant parent. Lucky enough, in a world where your phone does virtually everything from monitoring the security of your home to giving you directions, there’s definitely an app for baby names and one of the best used and recommended application is the baby names mobile application.

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Download Baby Names App For Couples & Enjoy Some Amazing Features:

The baby names mobile application is preloaded with more than 60,000 boy and girl baby names including a list of ideas for baby names.

You can search for names by origin, famous people, popularity, by gender or randomly as well as detailed information about each name which includes the meaning of the names and a host of other features.

You can even see the number of birth for each name as well the percentage of births per name. Create, edit and add your own names the baby names database.

You can download the baby names mobile application for both Android and Apple devices.

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