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Get Datally Data Saving App From Google and Save Up To 30% of Mobile Data

Download Datally App From Google – Best Android Mobile Data Saving & WiFi Application That Lets You Track, Control & Manage Data Usage

Google has recently announced the launch of a new mobile application meant to help users control, understand and save data on their mobiles devices. In a press release, Caesar Sengupta, Google’s Vice President of the Next Billion Users initiative, shared that the IT giant had been testing Datally in the Philippines for some few months before officially releasing it, allowing people to save up to 30 percent on their mobile data.

According to the company, Datally is a data manager mobile application that can save up to 30% of mobile data. In the age where telecommunications companies in several parts of the world are offering unlimited data for a cheap price, do you think Google’s Datally deserves a place on your mobile phone? In an era, in some African countries on the other hand, where data subscription is very expensive, do you think Datally couldn’t have come at a better time? Does Datally really save data or it’s just another marketing gimmick from Google inc.?

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Download Datally App From Google Play Store & Enjoy These Features 

Datally tracks mobile data usage in real time and then gives personalized recommendations on how to save data with notifications of public Wi-Fi spots that are available nearby.

Datally doesn’t use much of your memory as it is a lightweight application. The size of the application’s APK file is less than 10 MB. The Datally mobile app permission will require Phone, SMS, and network access to work. Once you provide these three permissions, you will see two buttons on your screen. The first “Yes, I agree” button will enroll you in Google’s application improvement program, while the other button will take you to the main interface of the Datally app.

Upon entering the main screen, the application will ask that you set up a VPN connection on your phone. Be sure to enable VPN service, else, the Datally won’t work. Exercise no fear though, as the VPN server won’t track your browsing history, files you’ve downloaded or videos you’ve watched.

If you like what you’ve read so far, you can visit Google Play store right now and install the Datally mobile application to save yourself some data.

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