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Download Ghanaweb Mobile App For Android Smartphones – Get Latest Ghana Trending News Now & Today With Access to 200 Ghanaian Radio Stations On Ghanaweb Newspaper App

GhanaWeb is a news portal that publishes everything about Ghana online. Apart from news from Ghana, The platform provides basic information, opinions and the ability for users to listen to more than 200 Ghanaian radio stations, classified ads and a social network for Ghanaians and much more.

The portal was launched by a private company in 1999 and operates under the laws of the Netherlands. Through this legal configuration, GhanaWeb publishes news from Ghana in a completely neutral and independent way. In addition, it has created a platform for Ghanaians where they can freely express themselves through articles of opinion and comment on the news without being censored. GhanaWeb, however, is a medium made by and for Ghanaians.

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GhanaWeb Newsportal is updated by a team of editors who write articles or add a wide range of Ghanaian media contents and ensures a balanced coverage of news in Ghana.

The GhanaWeb portal is constantly improved and expanded by web developers and web designers based in Ghana. At a functional level, the portal has been designed to meet the requirements of the 3 million unique visitors visiting every month. At a technical level, on the other hand, the portal is built to be loaded smoothly and reliably even in remote areas of Africa.

Features of the GhanaWeb mobile application includes the ability to listen to more than 200 Ghanian radio stations right on from phone from any part of the world.

You can also follow all latest news, entertainment, gossip, opinions, Ghanaian movies, business stories, IT innovations and trending happenings in Ghana when you download GhanaWeb mobile app for Android devices and take Ghana with you wherever you go.

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