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GidiCab App from GidiTraffic Lets You Book Taxi Easily

Download GidiCab App for Android & iPhone – GidiTraffic App Lets you Book Taxi in Lagos – Follow Traffic News on GidiTraffic Twitter and Instagram

GidiTraffic, the popular traffic information exchange handle on social media (Twitter and Instagram) have released a taxi booking application tagged GidiCab which is set to take on the like of Uber, Taxifiy and OgaTaxi in Lagos.

Just like the way Uber Nigeria app explores the map on its platform to connects you to nearest drivers who are willing to go your way, the new GidiCab mobile app offers some improved and interesting features some of which are:

What you will get on Gidicab mobile app

  • My Trip: The GidiCab app lets you view all your trip histories and amount spent per trip. I always use the feature on the Uber app to estimate my monthly spend on transportation.
  • Payment Options: You can set a preferred payment option for your trip, cash, wallet or borrow a trip.
  • Wallet: GidiCab app also comes with a wallet system you can fund where you can enjoy a ride with our necessarily paying cash but have your wallet debit by the value of the trip. Since you can’t always trust your bank to pay with debit cards every time you want to pay for distance covered, the pre-loaded wallet eliminates unexpected payment issues.
  • Favourite Destination: There are places you would love to tag favourites places, like the Cinemas or any of your recreation centres, these areas, on the GidiCab, lets you enjoy massive discounts on trips to or from. On GidiCab, you can tag these areas “Homezone” and as such enjoy lower fees whenever you connect with a driver on the ridesharing app.

What You Wil See When You Download GidiCab App for Android & iPhone:

  • Go to Play store on your Android device, search “GidiCab” and click on “Install” to initiate the process of installing the app to your device.

Download GidiCab App for Android

  • Is GidiCab cheaper compared to Uber? We also tried to compare similar trip on Uber with the GidiCab using the same pickup and destination, here is what the result is:

Uber’s estimated fee:

Download GidiCab App for Android

GidiCab estimated fee:

Download GidiCab App for Android

From the fees above, GidiCab offers lower rate compared to Uber which is in line with the company’s mission to disrupt the ride-sharing economy by leveraging its growing popularity and huge social media followings.

For users who would like to create another stream of income, the Uber Driver app offers competitive and attractive packages compared to other apps:

  • A rider request for a cab while you receive the trip request.
  • You accept the request and explore the map navigation feature to locate the riders’ location.
  • You start the trip, end when you reach your destination while GidiCab estimates the fees payable by the rider.

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