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Download Google File Go App For File Management On Android – FREE Storage Space, Delete Apps, Send & Receive Files, Clean Files On SD Cards

Go was developed by Google Inc. was designed to help users manage their files and clear out free space on their mobile phones by automatically finding applications they are not using, as well as other storage wasters such as duplicate photos. What is more interesting about the Files Go app is the ability to transfer and receive files from other Android devices without internet connectivity, which is in a way similar to Apple’s AirDrop.

It’s been argued that Files Go is part of Google’s Android Go initiative, which is aimed at providing an operating system and applications for smartphones with less powerful specifications and more limited access to mobile data. Without further ado, let’s see some cool features of the Google’s Files Go application that you need to know.

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Download Google File Go App For File Management On Android & Enjoy These Features

Google Files Go mobile app with not disturb you with adverts or in-app purchases and it boasts of an intuitive interface. The application requires just 10MB storage space and it supports Android 5.0 and above. The main interface of the app features two tabs, that is, the Storage and Files tab.

In this tab is where you will find the most important tools of the Google Files Go. This interface of the app displays 8 tiles, with each tile featuring a different tool. On top of the tiles, the app displays the amount of used and free storage memory on the ROM or MicroSD card. Though the application doesn’t allow users to see the junk files, you can, however, see the list of applications that have created the junk files.

In the first tile, the app will show useful tips on managing files. While on the second tile you’re allowed to clean the media files downloaded by WhatsApp messenger and other messaging apps. Google Files Go lets users choose the files they want to delete.

The fourth tile provides a utility that could be used to move files to the MicroSD card. In the fifth tile, the app displays the duplicate image files that are found on your device and then provide you an option to remove them. The Google Files Go mobile app allows users to hide the tiles or utilities they don’t want to use. To hide the tool, the user only has to place his finger on a tile and then swipe the finger right.

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