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Download HiOS Launcher App For Tecno Android Phones – Get HiOS APK Operating System & Updates From Tecno And Enjoy Great Themes, Wallpapers, Fast Internet & Camera.

As an ardent follower of technology trends, you possibly might have heard of HiOS launcher, which is a custom user interface from Tecno that they released alongside their product, Tecno Boom J8. This move by Tecno was aimed at giving them a personalized identity from the consumer’s perspective when it comes to Android smartphones produced by the company.

If you’re privileged enough to get an early look at the new HiOS, you would undeniably realize how beautiful it looks, the animations cum design is just on point, they have added a few new features into the interface which enhances the user experience. You can choose between different themes for the interface, which includes the lock screen. They also included beautiful font styles, a pull-down notification drawer as well as some other neat features that make it exciting to use the phone.

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Download HiOS Launcher App For Tecno Android Phones & Enjoy These Amazing Features:

HiOS Launcher’s Hi Search enables you to quickly find the apps and contents you frequently use and the ones you want at the moment. The main menu button can be randomly dragged to the bottom of the dock; also on the main menu, new folders can be created and icons can be dragged onto any interface you want, share apps with other phones by simply long pressing the apps you wish to share.

The HiOS Launcher is currently supported by 13 languages, including English, French, Kiswahili, etc. There is little or no bloatware on the HiOS Launcher unlike what it used to be on previous Tecno devices.

The camera app is pretty fast! Taking a shot in under second and capturing decent looking pictures without blur is super amazing which would be good for pictures especially Instagram and snap chat selfie addicts.

You can download and install the HiOS Launcher’s today by simply visiting the Google Play Store and enjoy these and other cool features on your mobile device.

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