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Investment One Ziing App Lets you Save and Invest your Idle Cash

Download Investment One Ziing Mobile App for Savings & Fixed Deposit – Find The Best Investment App in Nigeria for Android and iPhones.

The new Ziing app from Investment One Financial Service isn’t just the normal investment mobile app you, it is your personal finance app built to enhance savings culture, and provide opportunities to invest in the equities market and fixed deposit from the comfort of your mobile. Unlike your fixed deposit investment where you would have to visit various banks and compare rates which are still in its single digit as of this writing, Ziing app comes with a higher fixed deposit rate on 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 tenor.

According to Investment One, Ziing is a revolutionary mobile banking app that fulfils the promise of technology banking; savings, payment and investment. Beyond low-risk treasury bills investment offered by I-Invest app, you can operate a mutual fund account, transfer money across the border, plan your retirements, save towards a major project and see your net worth in real time.

Download Investment One Ziing Mobile App

What you should know about Investment One Ziing Mobile App


Z-Plan allows you to automate savings towards certain goals like house rent, school fees, and others. Your goals can be set with a minimum timeframe of one month and termination of your goal before the due date attracts a fee of 25% of accrued interest. Savings can be automated daily, weekly or monthly. Interest rates of 13% per annum apply.


With ZSave, you can automate savings and receive interest on an active savings account. Here, interest is earned daily irrespective of the number of monthly transactions on the account. Your interest in instantly visible but earned on a monthly basis. ZSave offers 6% per annum.

Fixed Income

The fixed income investment on Ziing app pays a predetermined return on a fixed rate after an agreed time. Tenors may range from 3 months to as much as 10 years. As of this review, the app offers 13.5%, 12.00%, 10.75%, 10.25% and 9.75% on 360, 180, 90, 60 and 30 days tenor. If you wish to re-invest your interest and principal, you can rollover automatically on the expiration of your existing investment.

Ziing app also provides fixed income summary, a brief summary of your returns on a selected tenor, based on a pre-determined/actual amount invested.

How to get started:

  • The Ziing mobile app is available for FREE download on Google Play Store after installing the app on your Android, you would be required to sign up with your personal information, and verify with BVN.
  • Go to the “Profile” section of your Ziing mobile app and update your account with, “Next of Kin”, “Employment Status”. “Bank”, “Payment Card” and “KYC”.

Download Investment One Ziing Mobile App

  • Funding your account on Ziing app is seamless; thanks to Paystack, a leading payment platform that lets you transfer money from your bank account.

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