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Download Kijiji Mobile App & Sell Your Items Faster In Canada

Download Kijiji Canada App For Android, iPhone, iPhone, Windows Phone – Best APK App For Local Search Classified Ads Marketplace In Canada, United State

Kijiji is an online based classified advertising service which operates as a centralized network of online communities, that is organized urban and city region, for the purpose of posting local ads on various items and services available for sale. It is a fully owned and a subsidiary of eBay, launched in March 2005. Kijiji classified websites are accessible to more than 300 cities in Canada, Italy Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Kijiji was made available to select cities in the United States on June 29, 2007, but was changed to eBay Classifieds in 2010.

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Currently, Kijiji is Canada’s most popular online classified website. It is one of the top ten websites in Canada and attracts more than three times the amount of traffic attracted by Craigslist in that country. The New York Times once reported that Kijiji’s Canadian site is “one of the few online brands that have been consumed in the United States but has been successful elsewhere.”

The Kijiji FREE mobile application for Android and Apple devices were designed to smoothen customer’s operations on the Kijiji website. Right from the mobile application, Kijiji users can perform a mobile search for ads, respond to the ads as well as add their offer.

Download Kijiji Canada App For Android, iPhone, iPad & Enjoy These Features:

  • Find latest ads near on mobile
  • Edit and manage your ads
  • View full the description and photos of ads posted by other users in high-quality graphics.
  • Contact advertisers right from the mobile app instantly.
  • Formalizing ad placement results.
  • Adding your own ads with the option of attaching photos from your smartphone
  • Tracking offers a list saved ads
  • Notification by SMS (Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail)

The app is available to users in various countries but most logged-in in Canada. You can download Kijiji Canada app for Android and Apple devices for FREE.

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