Download Latest Opera Mini For Android

Download Latest Opera Mini For Mobile Browsing

Download Latest Opera Mini For Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Java, Nokia, Tecno, Samsung Galaxy, &┬áInfinix – Free Opera Mini APK Browser App Version For Mobile Internet Experience.

Opera Mini browser is the most popular mobile internet browser application that lets you do anything online without consuming much data. The app’s success and millions of download are not only unconnected to its 90% data saving benefit users enjoy but also the faster and safer mobile internet experiences.

Download Latest Opera Mini For Android

Download Latest Opera Mini Mobile App

The latest version of Opera Mini now comes with new features that:

  • Block ads and browser faster without those annoying pop-ups on your smartphone; thanks to native ad blocker.
  • Compresses heavy web pages before it loads on your screen, hence saving data and improving loading time even when your internet is slow.
  • Let’s you download your favourite music or videos directly from social networks.
  • Stay up-to-date with updates on your Facebook account via real-time notifications on your screen.
  • Monitor your data real time, know how many MBs you have consumed and also save data via “Extreme Saving Mode”.
  • Browse incognito with private tabs; all your history will not be saved.
  • Makes reading in the night comfortable via the “Opera Mini Smart Night Model” feature.
  • Sync website pages with your Opera Mini account for referencing or in case your phone battery is low, you can always call back the specific page and continue from where you stopped.
  • Use the new WhatsApp feature to chat with your friends.

The latest version of Opera Mini mobile browser app for fast internet experience is available for FREE download on Android Play Store, and Apple iTune Store – Find download link on

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