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Download Movies from Showmax App on Device & DSTV Decoder

Download Movies from Showmax APK App FREE on Android, iTunes, Tablet, Smart TV & Windows Laptop PC – Stream & Watch Latest Movies on DSTV Explora Decoder.

Showmax is a fast-growing internet TV entertainment service that gives you unlimited access to thousands of movies, shows and series on your laptop, PC, smartphone, Apple TV, Android smart TV, tablets, or DSTV Explora decoder. With a single monthly subscription, you have access to the best collection of latest movies: Nollywood local movies, Hollywood international movies, TV shows, kids shows and documentaries.

Download up to 25 shows and watch later

You need a fast internet connection to download up to 25 shows and keep them for up to 30 days on your Showmax mobile app and once you initiate the watch process, you have 48 hours to finish watching or else, it’s deleted automatically.

You can also limit data consumptions on movies by setting the bandwidth of your internet usage.

Manage data consumption using the bandwidth capping feature. No internet? No problems – download up to 25 shows to smartphones and tablets to watch later.

If you want to know whether the Showmax app is available in your country, here is a list of regions currently covered as of this writing: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Algeria, and other Sub-Saharan African regions

How to Download Movies from Showmax App to your device:

  • Go to Google Play Store or iTunes store, find Showmax app and install on your device.
  • Open the app on your device, and click the “download button” while viewing your favourite shows, movies or episodes.
  • Use “Download manager” to see what’s been downloaded on your device.

How to Download Showmax Movies on DStv Explora Decoder:

For DSTV premium subscribers, you can get Showmax movies streamed and downloaded via the DStv Explora decoder for FREE; the charge is already included in your subscription fees, unlike other non-DStv subscribers who would have to pay a monthly fee of $7 to access movies on Showmax.

Here are steps to download and access Showmax movies on your DStv:

  • Make sure your DStv Explora decoder is connected to the internet with up to 10Mps data download. See more on DStv Now app
  • To access Showmax services on your Explora, press the “blue DStv button” on your remote control.
  • Scroll to “Watch now” and select “Showmax”.
  • You can find your favourite contents and press “OK” to start watching.
  • You need to sign into your Showmax account after which a 30-second countdown pops up before the show is ready to watch.

Find a more useful guide on how to download movies from Showmax app on Showmax blog.

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