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Code To Download MTN Caller Tune On Your Phone

Download MTN Caller Tune MP3 Songs Using MTN Code – Latest Tune – Gospel Download & Music List Like Happiness is Sure (Smile for me), Together In Love, Beautiful Things Are Happening, etc – Find More Top MTN Songs.

MTN Caller Tune is currently hot! – The mobile network boast of the largest collection of top MP3 music/songs, by leading artists in Nigeria, which you can use as a caller tune. For someone who may be asking, what are caller tunes? this is the best way to explain it – Have you called someone on phone and you heard a song playing before he/she picks your call? the song is his/her caller tune.

Anyone can also download caller tune on one’s phone using MTN codes – these codes are assigned to particular songs and as such you are advised to be sure of the caller tune code to use for your favourite song. Most times, when you place a call to a friend or colleague, an automated voice like this: “to copy this tune, press 1” offers the simplest method of picking caller tunes you love.

The hottest MTN caller tune is “Happiness is Sure”, a song composed by talented Chuka Obi and performed by Theo Magege. The reason is not far; it’s immaculate enchantment to your ear makes you wish, your receivers never picks the call instantly.

Download MTN Caller Tune MP3

Top Downloaded MTN Caller Tune & Their Code

  • BetterMe (501027)
  • Isaiah 43: 18-19 (026077)
  • Dua Sudais (011036)
  • Always in Love (0501302)
  • Adura Woli (004334)
  • My Story (0733737)
  • More MTN Website

How to buy & download caller tune songs:

  • Dial *410# and select your preferred option from the menu list
  • Download the MTN Caller tune application on your phone by sending “APP” to 4100.
  • You can dial 4100 to listen to caller tunes – these are samples of songs you will download when you buy, just browse through and select from the top list.

Like I said earlier, the best way to download your favourite MTN caller tune is to “Press 1 when you call a friend and hear similar song’

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