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Download Nairaland Forum App For Smartphones

Download Nairaland App For Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad – Get Nairaland Discussion Forum APK On Your Android Smartphone

Nairaland Forum is no doubt the biggest online discussion board where millions of Nigerian come together to share, discuss and comment on latest and trending news online.

The forum boast of over 1,000,000 members as at when we reviewed the application -with several high traffic categories ranging from General, Politics, Crime, Romance, Jobs/Vacancies, Career, Business, Investment, NYSC, Education, Autos, Car Talk, Properties, Health, Travel, Family, Culture, Religion, Food, Diaries, Pets, Agriculture, Entertainment, Jokes, TV/Movies, Music/Road, Celebrities, Fashion, Events, Sports, Gaming, Forum Games, Literature, Technology, Programming, Webmaster, Computer, Phones, Art, to Graphics.

The wider and broader nature of the forum makes it impossible for one not to find an area he/she is interested in – a key selling point you will hardly find in other forums.

Download Nairaland App For Android

Nairaland Mobile Application

With Nairaland mobile application on your smartphone, you can always follow the latest breaking news, top trending topics in Nigeria, share your opinion and never miss out on what others are also saying.

The app:

  • notified you when Nairaland forum homepage is updated.
  • doesn’t spam users with unnecessary pop-ups.
  • lets you network with other members who share similar interest and learn from their ideas.

Nairaland app for smartphone and is currently available for Android phone users.

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