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Latest Nigerian Cinema Movies – 2019 Releases

Download Nigeria Cinema Movies 2019 – Download & Watch Latest Nigerian Movies For FREE Online To My Smartphones Via YouTube – MP3 MP4 – iRokoTV, iBakaTV, iFlix, Silverbird & Ozone Cinemas

In 2018, we saw the release of top Nollywood movies in Nigeria at various cinemas. These movies weren’t just interesting but the millions of Naira raked across the board showed to us that a lot of Nigerians within and outside are now totally glued to local entertainment. In 2019, we know you are patiently waiting to see what top movie producers like Mo Abudu, Kunle Afolayan has in store.

Download Nigeria Cinema Movies – Latest Nollywood Movies In 2019 – Now Showing At Cinemas

If you are like us, who are constantly following all the latest Nollywood movies in 2019 showing in Nigeria cinemas, here are tips to:

  • Check Movie Cinemas – Of all the cinemas in Nigeria, Silverbird, Ozone, & Genesis Deluxe cinemas are the best movie centres for latest Nigerian films, we followed their website, reviewed what is currently showing and had seen that they always update their platforms with recent, soon-to-be-released films. You can also see the list of films, days of the week and various hours of the day.
  • iRokoTV Movies – iRokoTV is one of the pioneers of Nollywood movies online. Before now, you had to watch terrestrial TVs to see the latest movies that are currently advertised on air or even go to local movies marketers shop. But, the arrival of iRokoTV changed that, from the comfort of your home (for as low as N3000/year), you can follow latest blockbusters movies & interesting TV drama series and get them delivered to your mobile phone, subscribe, download for FREE and watch offline. You can follow this link to download the iRokoTV app.
  • iBakaTV Movies – A close rival of iRokoTV mobile application, iBakaTV offers a wide range of latest Nigeria movies for mobile viewing. What is so amazing about the application is that, while it is subscription too, it has also enjoyed massive download across the board – Android & iPhone. You can find more details about the iBakaTV app here
  • iFlix Movies – iFlix is the latest entrant in the industry. Though they are not Nigerian based the success recorded by these closer applications is no doubt another reason they chose to show Nigerian movies too. You will get the first-month subscription for FREE on the iFlix app.

While these are some of the best places you can see the latest Nigeria Nollywood movies online, we have also shared some of the best Nollywood movie actors and actresses to watch in 2019:

On how you can download these movies, apps like iRokoTV, iBakaTV and iFlix lets you download and watch offline but for others, you can search YouTube and see our guide on how to save any movies on mobile. from Opera Mini Browser

Do you know any other platforms we can follow the latest Nigerian Nollywood movies online, please share your opinion

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