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As a business owner or accountant in charge of finance, one of the major functions you are expected to carry out is daily tracking of how money is spent. Generally, this is where petty cash transactions come in, it is a system where you monitor little expenses that may not be significant but when lumped together might reveal how money is leaving your business which could impact your profit.

The normal old method of managing your petty cash expenses is to use excel or the use of petty cash record but as technology advances, we now have a better way to manage your cash with software. Here is a review of Easy Petty Cash Software.

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Easy Petty Cash  – Download Petty Cash Book Software

The Easy Petty Cash Software lets you track how you spend your money on expense reporting and analysis; you have a dashboard that reveals your spending pattern. At every point in time, you see what your balances are automatically so there is no need to do a manual calculation. You can also view and close your petty cash book for a specified period; weekly, bi-weekly/monthly. Whatever balances you have in the previous month can be carried forward to the next month.

A key selling point of the software is that as you record your expenses, there is a feature that lets you scan bills directly and attach to the record.

As culled from, there is also supports both types of operations – with support for cash advances, and without. If advances are supported, then cash expenses are matched to advances, and settlement transactions can be entered into the software to settle the advance. Pending settlements are reported.

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