Download Royal Bank Of Scotland App For Android iPhone iPad

Download the Royal Bank of Scotland App For Personal Mobile Banking

Download Royal Bank Of Scotland App For Android, iPhone, iPad & Windows Phones For Personal & Business Mobile Banking Online, Registration, Login, Make Payment & Money Transfer In The UK.

The Royal Bank of Scotland mobile application is available to all digital banking customers in the UK. The simple and secure application has all the features to help you manage your carry out personal banking transactions, make payment and transfer cash, so you have more time for the things that really count.

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Eligibility and How to register

The Royal Bank of Scotland Mobile Banking application is available to Royal Bank of Scotland Personal and Business customers who have Digital Banking activated on their accounts, which are over 11 years old and have a UK phone number starting with 07. Once the application is downloaded, it’s simple to set it up, all you need is your digital bank account number, security number, and password.

What You’ll Get When You Download Royal Bank Of Scotland App For Android & Other Smartphones

  • Ability to log in with your fingerprint if you have a phone that is compatible
  • Uses network communication for connectivity
  • Utilizes your geographical location to find the closest car or branch
  • Access your contact list so you can “pay for your contacts”
  • Edit the names of your accounts to customize the banking experience
  • View your account number – this is the number that is used to identify the user when accessing the Digital Banking and authentication when they call
  • View balances and transactions or transfer money between Royal Bank of Scotland accounts
  • Apply a savings account or overdraft
  • If you are registered for MyRewards, you can check your outstanding balance and rewards available
  • Manage your direct debits and your ongoing orders
  • Transfer up to £250 from the application any UK account
  • Pay bills for approved service providers and services by entering a recipient name
  • Pay your contacts who are also using the application or have a registered phone number for the Paym service
  • Get Cash at any Royal Bank of Scotland (Scotland), Tesco or NatWest ATM using your app, even when you do not have your debit card
  • Use Near Me to find the nearest branch to you

The Royal Bank Of Scotland App for Android and other smartphones are available for FREE download here on the bank’s website

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