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Download Uber Nigeria App For Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, PC FREE – APK App For Cab Taxi Booking Services Lagos, Abuja, PortHarcourt With Office Address

If you have booked an appointment with a client to close a mega-deal or found yourself stranded in a strange location where public transportation services are competitive, you will surely see the value of on-demand cab services. Uber is a transport services that lets you find the nearest cab or tax services in your area, book an appointment online by stating the time of departure, where you are going, and instantly see what is payable to the driver based on a distance covered.

The convenience offered by this service has attracted million of loyal users, right now, Uber is available in 500 cities worldwide and still expanding. In Nigeria alone, people have used the services to beat traffic, save time and easily move around cities they are not used to. For instance, places like Lagos, Abuja or PortHarcourt, Uber has helped business travellers catch up with several meetings at an affordable rate. This is a multi-tasking function that wasn’t possible or quite daunting if you had to prepare documents, attend to calls or feel relaxed at the same time, while on transit.

Download Uber Nigeria App Cab Booking

Features of Uber Nigeria app for a cab or taxi booking service:

  • Just launch the app and indicate where you are going.
  • The app tracks your location so that the driver will know the exact place to pick you.
  • Before the driver gets close, you also have a built-in technology that displays your driver’s picture, vehicle details, and also track their arrival on the map.
  • You can either pay by debit card, cash, PayPal or Android Pay.
  • You can also rate the driver and share your experience with Uber support centre.

Uber is available for FREE download on riders smartphones via Android or iOS. The driver app is also FREE on Play Store.


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