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Download WordPress Mobile Application for Instant Blogging Experience

Download WordPress App For Android, iPad, BlackBerry & Windows Phones – Get The Latest APK App Version For Your Mobile & Sign Into Your Website

The official WordPress mobile application (free) for Android (also available on Windows Phone and iOS) allows you to take the limit off your blogging experience; you don’t have to be stuck on your laptop PC before you can update post, the mobile app lets you add text, audio, video, and photos to your blog on the go, provided you are hosted on or on a server hosting third-party websites.

WordPress is the world’s most popular and trusted website development platform so you should expect the mobile application to be a surprisingly robust app that lets you go to the blog via the backend, though you might not have the full WordPress features available, unlike the web version.

With the WordPress mobile application, you can manage or create your own website or WordPress blog directly from your mobile device, you can also moderate comments, create and edit publications and pages, view statistics and upload media files. All you need is a blog or a site hosted by that runs on the WordPress version 4.0 or higher.

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The app also gives you the power to publish in the palm of your hands. Respond to your most recent comments or check statistics to see where your readers come from. WordPress mobile app for both Android and iOS is an Open Source project, which means that you can help contribute to its development. Learn more about that here

Download WordPress App For Android, iPad, & Enjoy These Features

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • It lets you upload photos and video straight from your mobile device
  • Ability to download and apply new themes on the go
  • Improved stability
  • Cannot install/update or uninstall plug-ins
  • Lacks a search function for pages and posts
  • Cannot align images in published posts.

WordPress mobile application is a must-install app for smartphone and tablet for people who frequently use the number one blogging platform, a few missteps, however, keep it from matching the desktop version.

Download WordPress Mobile App for Android,  Apple and Windows Phones.

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