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Download YouTube Go App & Save Data On YouTube Video Streaming

Download YouTube Go APK App For Android FREE – Watch & Stream Live Songs, Music Video, Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie On YouTube Go On Play Store

The era of streaming live videos, watching latest movie on YouTube and having your data eaten up by up to 25%-50% is now over. After a long feedback from users of the biggest video sharing platform, Google has officially released a data-saving version of YouTube built to enable billions of users to enjoy seamless access to videos, live streaming and shows online. The app is dubbed YouTube Go.

Personally, I feel this is a big relief for mobile internet users in Africa, a continent where only less than 30% of the continent population can afford the cost of internet data not to mention YouTube data. Also, this development will no doubt account for the exponential growth of YouTube subscribers globally.

YouTube Go is an app that lets you stream your favorite music video, movie or songs on YouTube without consuming data. It’s designed to reduce the amount of data you have to burn to watch the full videos.

This is in line with online needs of the growing population of Nigerian youths who have limited access to data due to increasing cost of the subscription. Apart from the data saving features of YouTube Go, it also features

  • a home screen that shows personalized recommendations based on your views or preferences
  • what’s trending on YouTube among friends.
  • a preview function that gives you a glimpse before watching the full video.

 Download YouTube Go Apk App For Android РVideos

  • ¬†Download videos to your phone or SD card.
  • Play them without buffering.
  • Watch them anytime, anywhere – even with slow or no internet connection.
  • Watch downloaded videos many times with no extra data cost.

You can download YouTube Go app for Android on your smartphone while taking advantage of the phone number sign in and quick search field to find latest videos.

According to users, YouTube Go app now gives access to full video streaming on 1.5MB as against 25MP that would have been needed on the previous application. This is a good news for Nollywood movie lovers looking for ways to save data on YouTube videos.


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