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How To Download YouTube Movies Using Opera Mini Browser App

How To Download YouTube Movies Using Opera Mini Browser App APK – Learn How To Save Latest Nigeria & Ghana Movies & Music Videos Without Video Downloader App.

On this mobile app review blog, we try as much as possible to share the best applications you should download on your smartphone, whether Android, iOS or Windows while recommending the perfect virus protection and internet security applications for a safe browsing experience. But, that is not all, a lot of social media followers also request for the best method to download their favourite movies on YouTube so they can save data and watch offline. Even though it has been answered here, we constantly find the simpler and easiest way to help watch movies offline.

Today, we have put together an improved guide on how you can leverage the data-saving Opera mini browser application to download any videos online without installing a third party downloader on mobile.

Opera Mini browser is one of the most popular internet browsers that lets you surf favourite pages on the web at a cheaper rate. The browser is widely known for its extra data saving features, a unique selling point that drove its download to millions in developing countries where data plans are still on the high side. Take a look at Nigeria where the cost of mobile subscription is still high, Opera Mini saves up to 50% MB usages so that won’t run out of data faster. This app compresses your web pages before it loads on your screen so don’t feel the effect of your internet providers when the network is slow.

See – Features of Opera Mini Browser Application

While the core focus of this guide is not on Opera Mini, you can check the link above for more details.

How To Download YouTube Movies Using Opera Mini Browser Application For Smartphones

If you have Opera Mini Browser and are looking for the latest guide on how to download movies directing from the browser, here are steps to do that easily:

  • Launch your Opera Mini browser application on Android, iOs or Windows, go to “settings” and ensure you set SINGLE COLUMN VIEW to OFF.
  • Now, let’s assume you want to download this video on YouTube – – All you need to do is to change the “www.” on your browser to “ss”. So, you need to modify the URL above to “
  • Access the modified link with your Opera Mini and you will be redirected to a new site where you can choose your desired video format.

That’s all for now, if you have issues on how to download YouTube movies using Opera Mini Browser, you can check our review of the YouTube Go app or share your challenges as a comment.

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