Download Zenith Bank Mobile App For Android

Download Zenith Bank Mobile App For Instant Banking

Download Zenith Bank Mobile App For Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones – Zenith Bank Easy Money APK For Internet Banking Online, Registration & Transfer

Banking on the go has never been easier thanks to the latest Zenith Bank’s mobile application. The application gives you access to your accounts 24 hours a day, wherever you are, which means you can pay bills, transfer funds and experience the freedom of banking at your own timing. With this mobile application, you don’t need to load your mobile wallet before making payments and perform airtime purchases

How To Get Started.

You can register as an Internet banking user or a non-Internet bank user, to sign up as an internet banking user, you will need your hardware token, providing the Internet Banking PIN and OTP but as a non-Internet banking user, you would have your mobile phone setup for an alert on your registered account to receive a soft token by SMS. Additionally, customers can easily switch to eaZymoney by using the icon at the bottom left of the login screen.

How does it work?

Like a bank account, a virtual account (that is a mobile wallet) is created for the subscriber. The customer’s mobile number will be the account number. Cash withdrawals, payment of goods and services and deposits can be made from this mobile number via an AGENT or a bank branch.

Download Zenith Bank Mobile App For Android


Some of the features of the Zenith Bank mobile application are:

  • Cash (ability to load m-wallet or deposit money into the account) at any bank branch or easy money agent.
  • Transfer cash from one m-wallet to another m-wallet.
  • Transfer cash from the bank account to the m-wallet.
  • Transfer money from a bank account to another bank account (Inside Zenith), all you need is the account number
  • Transfer cash from the m-wallet to the bank account.
  • Transfer cash to unregistered subscribers.
  • Withdraw money (that is from m-wallet) at any bank branch or easy money agent.
  • Check the account balance and summary of the statement.
  • Buy airtime
  • Pay utility bills.

The application is available for download on the Google Play store.

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