Find My Lost Android Phone

Track Your Lost Android Phones Using Google Find My Phone App

Find My Lost Android Phone For FREE – Track The GPS Locations Of Your Tecno, Infinix, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, iPhone, Sony Xperia Online Using Google Find My Phone App

Have you ever lost your Android smartphone and do not know how to begin a search or probably confused on where to track it? if you do, you would agree with me that it’s totally painful and can kill someone’s happy day, especially when you have relevant contacts and bunch of information saved on your memory card for quick references.

I remember a friend that lost his Infinix Zero 3 to another passenger on his way back home from the office; he couldn’t imagine that such could happen that day and was frustrated, there was no way to initiate the process of knowing the exact location of the passenger via GPS and see the possibility of recovery. The only thing he did was to report the situation to the police for security reason – who knows what those guys could do with stolen smartphones that have registered sim cards and at the end have the owners pay for a crime they didn’t commit?

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Find My Lost Android Phone Location

For someone who has had experience before, a trusted mobile application that can find lost Android phones by sharing glimpse on the actual location on the map isn’t a bad idea at all. Well! Google has built an effective solution called “Find My Device“. The app does three (3) things; will help you know where your lost phone is, erase information and lock your Android device.

To make the “Find My Device App” work for you, your device must be turned on, signed into your Gmail account, connected to a mobile data or WiFi, Google Map location turned on.

How to use the find my lost Android phone mobile application

  • Go to and sign in with the default Gmail on your smartphone.
  • Select the smartphone you want to track.
  • A map will display – showing the region or area your lost smartphone is currently.
  • Choose what you want to do – follow up by reporting to the nearest security, erase your data or lock the device.

Find My Device app by Google Inc is available for FREE download on Google Play store

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