Get Free USA Phone Number In Nigeria

How To Get Free USA Phone Number On TextPlus App

Get Free USA Phone Number In Nigeria On TextPlus App – Change to International Number for SMS Verifications, Make/Receive Calls from US, Canada, & UK.

Recently, I received a call from my Aunty and she complained about the rising charges on calls to international countries from the US which was quite high compared to charges on call within the same region. To help her save cost, I had to launch a search on “how to receive calls from the USA at a cheaper rate” so we could talk more for long minutes. Eventually, I stumbled on an app called TextPlus.

With TextPlus mobile application, I got the U.S.A phone number in Nigeria without paying a monthly fee.

How to Get FREE U.S.A Phone Number In Nigeria On TextPlus App

Getting a U.S.A mobile number from TextPlus is not a rocket science as you may think; no travel, no fee. You only need your smartphones to start to enjoy a FREE international number for foreign calls from U.S.A or Canada.

To get started on the TextPlus:

  • go to Android or iOS store to download the mobile app
  • sign up for FREE
  • sign in with your username and password.
  • select the “custom number” option and get your USA phone number displayed on your screen.

You can give the U.S.A phone number to your friends and family Abroad so they can save bills on calls to you and enjoy longer talk hours. The calls put across to your newly assigned number rings on the mobile phone you installed the TextPlus app.

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Features of TextPlus App for the U.S.A Phone Number:

  • Enjoy FREE SMS and calls to/from real U.S.A number.
  • Unlimited incoming calls from friends/family in the US/Canada while you are within or outside the country.
  • See who has called you or sent you messages on your device with free cloud hosting on TextPlus App.

To ensure you don’t lose your U.S.A phone number on the TextPlus app, you will be required to make calls or send a message at least weekly or buy TextPlus “keep my number” products from the app.

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