Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

Jobs in Canada Mobile App Lets You Search and Apply for Jobs from Nigeria

Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria – Find the Easiest Ways to Apply for Visa and Relocate with Work Permit for Nursing, Doctor, Accounting, or Other Jobs

Canada is among the most sort after countries every Nigerian love to study, visit or have a permanent residence and work permit. This is not far from the fact that the country is among organised developed places with laid out structures across different sectors, including the labour market.

The Canadian labour market also ranks as the top paying market for almost every kind of jobs (where you get paid in Canadian Dollars); from I.T, medical, finance and social jobs.

If you are looking for a perfectly legitimate guide on how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria, this might be what you need to initiate that process on your own, with little assistance from a Canadian travel consultant.

How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria – Practical Useful Steps

  • Your Resume

The first thing you need to work on before applying for a job in Canada is to re-design your resume into acceptable format employers love. (Find a simple guide to designing a Canadian style resume)

  • Download Jobs in Canada Mobile App

    Rather than searching random Canadian websites for jobs, you can apply for, download Jobs in Canada app for Android, an app that lets you kickstart your career with the best job vacancies in all the cities of Canada, including Toronto, Alberta Jobs and Jobs in Vancouver.

The developer of this app spent time in gathering all the jobs in various industries in one place so you can save time and easily apply for jobs that suit your resume.

Let’s explore the app:

  • Go to PlayStore, search “Jobs in Canada” and install.

Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

  • You can explore the app as a “guest” or “sign up” as an applicant.

Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

  • Here are some of the latest job opportunities in Canada you can apply for from Nigeria.

Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

  • Find jobs in Canada by category on the app:

Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

Some of the top Canadian job portals aggregated into the mobile app are:

  • CareerBuilder – Canada Employment
  • WowJobs – Job Search Engine
  • Monster – Find the job that’s right for you, Build a Better Career in CA
  • Canadajobs – Online jobs in Calgary
  • Jobbank – Your Canada career starts here
  • Indeed – Jobs in Edmonton, Job Vacancies in Canada
  • Randstad – Permanent Jobs and Temp Jobs in Canada
  • CanadianBusiness – Canada’s Best Jobs 2017: The Top 25 Jobs in Canada
  • JobsinCanada – Search and Find Jobs and Employers
  • Find Out More Information About Canada.

Before you relocate to Canada, learn what the country is like, read more about their cultural norms, and understand the different provinces to determine the areas you focus your energy and job searchlight on. Each of the regions in Canadian has different dominant industries and job types, hence require varying skillsets.

This is a key reason you should master your profession/skills and find province you would have an added advantage on when applying for jobs and work permit in Canada from Nigeria.

  • Apply to selected jobs with a Canadian cover letter and a re-written Canadian résumé.

Most Canadian employers often prefer foreign applicants with international experience or those who have worked with multinational companies like Shell Nigeria. So, if you have worked in an NGO with experience relevant to your potential employer, ensure you indicate that on your resume.

  • Apply for Canadian Visa

‘Once you have a job offer from your employer, you can go to the nearest Canadian embassy and apply to come to Canada. At this stage, you are advised to go to CIC.GC.CA , register and have all the information about your Nationality, Skills, Working Experience and Education.

This is where you contact a legitimate Canadian travel and immigration consultant or connect with a network of Nigerians who have successfully relocated to Canada on Linkedin for assistance on how to proceed with Canadian eligibility requirements check, complete your documentation online and get an approved Visa.

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