Low Risk Investments In Nigeria

Find Low Risk, High Yield Short Term Investments On I-Invest App

Low Risk Investments In Nigeria – Best Short Term High Yield Investment Opportunities In Nigeria – Download I-Invest App for Safe Investment Ideas & Where to Put your Money

The search for fixed income investment opportunities is no longer an option again but a highly recommended strategy to diversify and stabilize one’s stream of income. One of the popular risk-free securities you can look into is Treasury bills, a short-term government-backed instrument that promises guaranteed interest payment. Before now, there were two major challenges to buy this instrument. The first is that it’s not everyone that could afford the minimum investible funds required by CBN. Secondly, you would be expected to go to the nearest bank’s branch, fill a form and wait for your account to be debited. Since investing in fixed income securities like Treasury bill is a financial discipline you shouldn’t ignore when you have an idle cash that you aren’t using for the short-term, I had no choice but to find a way to raise the minimum investible fund.

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All these are about to change as a new investment app had emerged: I-invest app

Investors looking for a convenient and flexible way to buy treasury bills can now do so on their smartphone, thanks to I-Invest app, the latest financial investment app built to allow current and aspiring investors purchase securities and treasury instruments without meeting with a third party consultant like brokers or financial advisers.

The I-invest UI lets you:

  • track your various investment portfolios
  • save money
  • invest your savings to earn attractive interest rates.
  • fund infrastructure projects while earning an income.

Features of I-Invest App for Low Risk Investments In Nigeria

  • Secure – The app provides the safest and easiest way to access investment products reserved for institutional investors while the interest accrued on your investment can easily be credited to your bank accounts.
  • Easy Access – Irrespective of your chosen banks, I-Invest lets you buy fixed income securities easily.
  • Time Saver – You don’t have to chase your account officer or go to the bank to fill paper forms again, the app helps you to process your investment request on mobile.
  • Easy Withdrawal – You can also supply your personal bank details and request for withdrawal from your existing portfolio.
  • You can fund your account using a debit card.
  • BVN, ID cards and utility bills are required for account registration and activation.

The new I-invest app for low-risk investment opportunities in Nigeria is available for FREE download on Android and iOS store.

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