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MasterCard App For Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows & BlackBerry – Download Bank Wallet Apps In US, Canada, UK, Check Credit Card Balance, Pay Online & See Nearby ATMs.

MasterCard is an international financial services company, with headquarters in  Purchase, New York, USA. MasterCard’s global operations headquarters is located in O’Fallon, Missouri, United States, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Its main business worldwide is to process payments between merchant banks and bank issuers of credit cards or credit cooperatives who use credit and debit cards of the “MasterCard” brand to make purchases either offline but importantly, online. MasterCard Worldwide is a listed company since 2006. Before to its initial public offering, it was a cooperative owned by over 25,000 financial institutions issuing their branded cards.

MasterCard was formerly popularly known as Master Charge, created by several California banks as the main competitor of BankAmericard, a service offered by Bank of America, which later became Visa credit card, as issued by Visa Inc. From 1966 to 1979, MasterCard was known as “Interbank” and “Master Charge”.

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Features of the MasterCard App For Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows & BlackBerry You Should Know

The MasterCard Android Pay mobile app is available for tablets and smartphones with Android 4.4 Kit Kat and later. Android Pay can be used in hundreds of thousands of stores worldwide and so also is the ios version of the application

All you need to do is to download and install the Android Pay application. Add rechargeable debit, credit, small business and MasterCard® prepaid cards to start making payments quickly and safely.

When you make a purchase with the mobile application, a unique number is used in place of your actual card information for the security of your card and money. MasterCard mobile app is covered by zero liability that is, only MasterCard offers free services to cardholders to help them detect and resolve identity theft.

The application has the ability to locate any of the over two million ATMs worldwide and alerts you whenever any transaction is carried out on your card within the application.

Get the MasterCard mobile application for Android and Apple devices.


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