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McAfee Mobile Security App Download For Android, Windows, iPad & iPhone – Get FREE McAfee Antivirus Protection & Internet Security APK For Mobile

McAfee VirusScan is an antivirus program by Intel Security (formerly known as Network Associates and Afterwards known as McAfee, Inc.). McAfee VirusScan was designed for office cum office-home users, while McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is designed for business environments. Though McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is not available as a package, it is however included in the McAfee VirusScan Plus for Windows users, VirusScan for Mac users or as part of McAfee Internet Security for Windows and McAfee Internet Security for Mac. In addition, McAfee and another company, BSkyB have developed a version of the VirusScan for “Sky Broadband,” a version which is offered at no cost to Sky Digital customers inasmuch they subscribe to a broadband modem installation.

McAfee Inc. also produces an enterprise-level product which they branded  VirusScan ENterprise: McAfee specifically designed this for use on large networks in order to facilitate the use of antivirus software on multiple computers simultaneously. Unlike the office cum office-home users’ edition, the Enterprise edition includes a client application designed for networked computers as well as a server application, which the system installs, updates and configures the settings for all connected systems from a single point. The networked systems can be controlled by using the included ePolicy Orchestrator otherwise known as ePO, which is a joint console which can control the VirusScan and other McAfee products.

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Amazing Features of the McAfee Mobile Security App Download For Android You Should Know

McAfee VirusScan Mobile Application protects your mobile device against theft as it takes snapshots of the alleged thief and sends to your email with the current location of the device as well as the SOS functionality which saves the last known location of the device in case the battery runs out.

Protect your privacy from snoopers by locking some selected apps of your choice and blocks unwanted cum irritating calls, SMS and other promotional messages you want to stop seeing.

The McAfee VirusScan Mobile Application is available for both Android and iOS which you may download today and secure your mobile devices for free.

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