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KompleteCare App Lets You Meet Nigerian Doctors Online

Nigerian Doctors Online – Access List of Registered Doctors In Nigeria & Call The Best Doctors from your Phone for Medical Consultations On KompleteCare App

Your waiting time in public hospitals is about to be reduced from an average of 2 hours to near zero, if not eliminated completely, as a group of qualified doctors has launched an app called KompleteCare.

This is not a just a relieve but also a life saver, patients in public hospital spend more time in the hospital than the banking hall which isn’t suppose to be.

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KompleteCare app is a mobile initiative and result of collaboration the Society for Family Physicians of Nigeria (SOFPON) and a healthcare company in Nigeria, Sevenz Healthcare.

For patients who can’t easily access the nearest hospital or needs an emergency¬†consultant without leaving the comfort of their home or office can explore the app to meet with Nigerian doctors online for examination, and drug prescriptions, hence save time and enjoy an unparalleled advantage.

The medical app is open to qualified doctors that would like to monetize their professional services or add to their salaries. Being qualified is key to ensure that the best consultants are recruited. As a doctor, you would have to fill in your MDCN which is used to confirm the authenticity of your status before approval to log in is granted.

I feel the app is the future of the hospital is mobile, very soon, you may not have to visit the physical medical centres to get help again, just download a mobile app and you have seamless access to doctors in your area.

The availability of doctors on the app isn’t unconnected to the “pay as your serve feature”, every single consultation is an opportunity to earn money while the patients are happy as the time required to get medical attention is greatly reduced.

Would you still allow someone you know to go through the process of waiting to pay for cards, waiting to get the card, waiting to see a doctor for examinations, wait to see the result of scans, wait to take drugs at the hospital’s pharmacy,¬† and all those waiting time while suffering from pain and discomfort?

I don’t think this is what I’d advise anyone to do again, KompleteCare app is available for FREE. This app is no longer listed on Play Store.

You can download a similar app like Kangpe on Google Play Store.

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