Nigerian Stock Market Prices & Reports For Top Gainers & Losers

Download Yochaa App For Latest Nigerian Stock Gainers & Losers

Nigerian Stock Market Prices & Reports For Top Gainers & Losers – Download Yochaa App For Latest Nigerian Best Performing Stock Reports & Analysis Todays

I came across an interesting mobile application that lets you follow and monitor stock market performance on a delayed real-time. You might say, but there are countless applications on app store built to let anyone track his stock performance and follow real-time news and updates. Well, you are correct but this is different as it relates to a market where there is no app that accurately makes stock market news available to anyone via mobile.

Meet Yochaa stock market app, a beautiful finance app that lets a beginner and experienced investor understand the Nigerian stock market using simple tools, and trade data that screens best and worst performing stocks to buy. The app gives you access to an ocean of stocks to analyze for better decision making.

If you have issues collecting financial data, Yochaa is here to help you utilize the sophisticated and powerful interface so you can make meaning of the information provided.

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Some of the highlights of Yochaa app for Nigerian Stock Market Prices & Reports For Top Gainers & Losers:

As culled from app store’s link:

1. View price charts of all NSE securities over the last five years.
2. View performance of all NSE securities at a glance.
3. Easily pick out the best and worst performers.
4. Colour codes instantly show the state of the market on any day.

1. Monitor the performance of your stocks portfolio with regular price updates.
2. Instant access to useful information on stocks you own: History of purchases, average cost price vs current market price, return on investment and percentage holdings.
3. Create and monitor a dummy portfolio to understand the market before making real commitments.

1. Regular research and analytics articles that would help guide and hopefully improve your investment decisions.

Yochaa stock market app for Nigerian stock market prices & reports for gainers & losers is available for FREE download on Google play store and iOS store.

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