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Get Quick Loan Using Paylater Mobile App

Paylater APK App For Android, iPhone, BlackBerry & PC Download – Get Access to Quick Loan, Instant Cash Without Collateral on Paylater Loan Mobile Application.

Do you need urgent cash or loan to finance personal or emergency need without tendering a collateral? Then, go download Pay later mobile application – a simple online lending platform that offers quick cash, instant loan to meet short-term needs.

The application lets verified users to apply for loan 24 hours, 7 days a week (key selling point that has attracted a good number members to its platform faster than others)with a built-in algorithm to ask new app users questions, then verify in minutes and display the status in 2 minutes.

Paylater APK App For Android

Features of Paylater loan application:

  • A complete and clean UI for easy navigation and quick loan application
  • Chat functionality that connects to Paylater customer support centre – which means a faster resolution of issues and customer challenges.
  • You can apply for a higher amount up to N100,000 which can be reached on a consistent and one-time payment of the previous loan granted.
  • Flexible interest on loan ranging from 4%-10%.
  • Longer repayment period for loan above N20,000 – up to 90 days – so you can plan how to repay conveniently.
  • The new Paylater┬áPlus lets salary earners apply for more, subject to a maximum of N500,000 with supporting documents like payslip, etc.

How to get started:

  • Download and Install┬áPaylater application from Google play store.
  • Read the information the application will access on your smartphone.
  • Sign up and enter your details.
  • Complete an application form and apply for a loan
  • Once the money is approved, you will receive your cash in 5 minutes but if otherwise, you will receive a message stating why your application failed and how you can successfully re-apply.
  • Repay your loan – one-time repayment can give you access to a higher figure on your next loan application.

You can find more information about loan application on website


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