Quick Loan Without Collateral in Nigeria

Get Quick Loan Without Collateral on Wema Bank ALAT App

Quick Loan Without Collateral in Nigeria on Wema Bank Alat App – Where Borrow Fast & Instant Money Online for Personal or Business Expenses Without Bank

The continuous improvement of the Wema bank’s mobile and digital banking platform, ALAT has earned the bank several awards including the recent most innovative mobile banking app in Nigeria, 2017. The app, which is built to make banking seamless and transaction processing easier for users, was recently upgraded to provide virtual dollar and personal loan services to users. While the former lets users make payments to service providers or shop on international merchants in US dollars, the latter offers unsecured personal loans without the formal process of users verifications and credit checks.

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The new ALAT app with personal loan features gives you rare access to secure a quick loan in Nigeria from the comfort of your home or office. So, whenever you are short of cash and need to finance an emergency or pocket money for your daily need, Wema bank ALAT app is here to fix your faster than other loan apps.

The duration of the time you request for a loan on the ALAT app and approval from credit officers is very impressive. According to the bank, the app processes your mobile request without visiting the nearest branch within 10 minutes and send a feedback to you. All the usual paperwork, form submission, repeated visits to the banks, interviews and account verifications hassles are all eliminated on the Wema bank ALAT digital banking app. There are built-in features designed to make document upload faster and better in digital format.

Speaking on the emergence of ALAT Loans, Head of Commercials, ALAT, Bimbo Agbejule explained the importance of the feature for daily living.

It’s almost impossible for one to go through life or business without the requirement of a loan, whether long or short term. This insight has given birth to ALAT Loans which we have tweaked to fit the average Nigerian, considering his daily needs ranging from payment of house rents or tuition fees to raising capital for a new brick and mortar store and daily emergencies”, she said.

How To Get Quick Loan Without Collateral In Nigeria on ALAT App

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