How to Save Money Every Month in Nigeria

How to Save Money Every Month on PayDay Investor App

How to Save Money Every Month in Nigeria – Learn Modern & Traditional Ways To Save & Manage Money On ARM PayDay Investors App Each Month

If you are reading this post on how to save money every month in Nigeria, it probable that you are looking for the best advice on how to be disciplined and not spend all your salary after month end? Well, the simple truth is there is no sure-fire magic to saving what you earn each month but understanding how to do that even when it is not convenient makes the difference. Technology has practically taken over every aspect of life, and financial management isn’t different, so I will be sharing a straight guide on how to leverage technology to save and earn more.

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I had once been in a situation where I made up my mind to save 10% of my monthly salary in a fixed deposit, got it locked and not spent until a specific period but you know what? I couldn’t reach 50% of my target savings because there was always something to spend on, expenses to finance and an asset to buy, either as replacement or repair.

Saving money isn’t really about what you set aside but how consistent and discipline you have been. To be a persistent saver who, against all odds, is able to overlook immediate needs and save, you need to find a way to keep the money reaching you; go straight to your target savings account.

Let me introduce you to the newest automated savings mobile application built to simplify how we save, make and manage money every month. Meet PayDay Investor, an innovative financial management app from ARM limited, one of the oldest and leading investments and financial service providers in Nigeria.

PayDay Investor isn’t like other apps that will just help you save but designed to let users put money aside via, a preset automated deduction on your account, for a specific needs while earning higher interest than a normal savings account. Your savings are invested in fixed income securities which pay a higher interest fee compared to your bank savings. So, you are indirectly investing your idle cash.

The app lets you save and invest consistently so you can earn more return and meet your target savings faster than you imagined. You really don’t need to bother about available investment opportunities as ARM professionals, with years of financial management experience, are on the ground to ensure risk-free return while preserving your capital.

The app is powered by ARM Money Markey fund – a high performing mutual fund that pays you quarterly returns on your cash savings. The return on ARM MMF in the last 3 years (2017, 2016 and 2015) is 16.6%, 9.9% and 12.8% respectively.

ARM PayDay Investor app is available for FREE download on Google play store.


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