Thrivesend App Lets You Send Money To Nigeria Bank Account Instantly

Cheap Way To Send Money Online To Nigeria Bank Account With Credit and Debit Card Instantly – Best Money Transfer From Abroad With Thrivesend FREE App Download

If you have been looking for a way to skip those ridiculous N100 deductions on your account due to money transfer, it’s time to switch to a better platform, Thrivesend, an online money transfer service. A lot of Nigerians are currently using the service to send money to their business partners, friends and family and it’s been satisfying; great review, low charge and instant transfer.

What is Thrivesend?

Thrivesend is a money transfer platform that makes it easy for anyone to send cash from their local or international payment card – MasterCard, Visa or Verve – to a verified Nigerian bank account. You can call it a debit card to a bank account service.

To explore the platform, you only need to visit the website, enter the amount you want to send (subject to a maximum limit of N100,000), the bank details of the receiver, input your card details and send instantly. A flat fee of N45 is charged on every transaction which is a lot cheaper than your normal bank transfer.

Send Money Online To Nigeria Bank Account

What makes Thrivesend unique:

  • Fast money transfer
  • Lowest transfer fee
  • High-Tech Security

With Thrivesend mobile application, you can initiate instant cash transfer on your mobile from anywhere, no limit and be rest assured of secure transactions.

This app is no longer in Play Store, you can download Paga.

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