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SG-SSB Ghana Internet & Mobile Banking Application – Enjoy Mobile Money Transfer, Check Bank Statement & Transaction Balances Online

Societe Generale Ghana Limited is a Ghanaian based commercial institution that was previously known as Société Générale, that is, the Social Security Bank (SG-SSB). The bank is based in the Ghanaian capital city of Accra, part of the Société Générale banking group and listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange as a component of the Ghana Stock Exchange All-Share Index. Societe Generale Ghana Limited is the 7th largest bank in Ghana according to its website and has 45 networked branches all through the West African country.

SG was established in 1975 as “Security Guarantee Trust Limited” and in the following year changed its name to “Social Security Bank Limited” or SSB for short. SSB and the “National Savings and Credit Bank” merged in 1994 under a World Bank program. The government of Ghana divested its own 21% share of the bank the following year and it was converted to a public limited liability company making it to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. In early 2004, the bank rebranded as SG-SSB shortly after Societe Generale acquired a 51% controlling interest in the financial institution. A development that made it rebranded as SG in order to conform with the group name, which is Société Générale.

It is the 5th largest commercial bank in Ghana in terms of assets as at of December 2011. Before then, in December 2010, SG’s total assets were valued at approximately GHS:685.9 million (US$423.4 million), with shareholders’ equity of approximately GHS:116.2+ million (US$71.9 million).

What you Need to know about SG’s Electronic Banking

Societe Generale Ghana Limited boasts of an internet system, like every other bank around the world where customers can transact without being physically present in the banking premises. One of which is what is called Sikanet, an internet banking system which allows customers access account transactions and downloaded in Microsoft Excel for easy reconciliation.  The other is Sikamail where customers get periodic emails on the transactions going on their accounts.  They also have Sikatel and Sikatext.

Just like the Ghana National Investment Bank, SSG cannot boast of a mobile application, none was present both on their website nor on the Google Play store. It is expected that a bank established in 1795 should at least, have a mobile application, though they have a superb Mobile Banking platform which you can check out HERE.

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