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Sportingbet South Africa App For Android, iPhone & iPad – Bet On Sportingbet Premier League Football Prediction On Your Mobile & Win Online

Sportingbet was established in 1997 as one of the first online sports betting company in South Africa. From its humble beginning as a small South African online sports company, it has grown to become one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world after it was bought over by the GVC PLC gaming group.

Currently, Sportingbet operates in 27 countries around the world, from Romania in Europe to Cape Town in South Africa where its headquarters are located. Even though was one of the first indigenous online Sportsbooks in South Africa, it faced tough competition from major bookmakers who wants to cash in on the South Africa’s recent online gambling boom.

Even with all the competitions and several online Sportsbooks that are currently operating in South Africa, remains one of the largest and best online betting companies in South Africa, all thanks to its easy to use and excellent betting platform.

If you ask 10 people in South Africa, 8 of them will probably tell you the best of Sportingbet is their simple and easy-to-use betting platform. Finding match selections as well seeing different markets and upcoming matches are very easy compared to many other online betting platforms in South Africa.

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Features of the Sportingbet South Africa App For Android, iPhone & iPad You Should Know

Betting on Rugby is probably where Sportingbet SA mobile application takes full advantage of its money since it is by far its most popular market compared to other games. Besides rugby bets, you can also play to bet on a wide range of other sports offered by Sportingbet, which is good if you are not necessarily a fan of Rugby.

Another great feature of Sportingbet SA mobile application is its wide range of markets, you can bet on almost anything imaginable that can happen in a sports game, not only that, it also offers very competitive contracts, which ultimately means more money in your pocket in case you win your bet.

Enjoy all these amazing features and several others when you install the Sportingbet SA mobile application today. The application is available for both Android and Apple devices.

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