Stream Live AIT News & Kakaaki Updates

Stream Live News & Kakaaki on AIT Mobile App

Stream Live AIT News & Kakaaki Updates on AIT Mobile App for Android – Watch your Favourite TV Programmes, Follow AIT News Hour Today and Match Updates

Africa Independent Television popularly known as AIT has launched the first version of its mobile application on Google Play Store. As expected, AIT Mobile app comes with a friendly and easy to interact, user-interface so you can stream live news, updates and even follow Kakaaki shows every morning anywhere, anytime.

The mobile app, just like ChannelsTV app, is built to let users watch AIT News, stream their favourite TV programs, schedule videos, follow weather updates and get all the information you need to know about DAAR communication, the company behind the news app.

Here are the features of the mobile app:

Stream Live AIT News & Kakaaki Updates

As of this write-up, the country is at the verge of electing the next leader who will take the economy to its desired position, AIT news has been at the forefront of information dissemination to users within the country and in the diaspora. You can scroll through the news stories, view news by relevance categories including politics, sports, entertainment, business, economy and lifestyles. For users who can’t afford the rising cost of data, you can as well save the news for offline viewing, share your comments via your social media accounts.

TV Programs and Videos

Select your best program from the detailed list of all shows available on the AIT mobile application. You can add them to your wishlist or device calendar. With this, you will catch your favourite programs and receive a reminder when it is time. You can also download these shows within the app.

You can download the AIT mobile app via the Android store and feel free to share your personal review, comments and suggestions on the app’s store page. This will help the developers fix necessary bugs and improved the app experience.

How to Download AIT Mobile App:

  • Go to Play Store and search for AIT Mobile.
    Stream Live News & Kakaaki Updates
  • Click on “Install” to initiate the app installation process on your smartphone. After download, open the app to stream live news and Kakaaki updates.

Stream Live News & Kakaaki Updates

More details.

If you have questions, suggestions, the app lets you connect with DAAR communication via their various social media accounts, URLs and email addresses of various departments.

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