Taxi App In Lagos Uber Taxifiy, Oga Taxi, SmartCab

Best Taxi Booking App To Download On Your Mobile Phone

Taxi App In Lagos Nigeria – Download Uber, Oga Taxi, Taxify, SmartCab Mobile Driver & Passenger App For Cab Booking Service In Lagos, Abuja, PortHarcourt

Are you new in Lagos, perhaps Nigeria or looking for the best taxi mobile application to download on your smartphone – so that mobility can be a lot easier, safer and convenient? Here we will be reviewing 4 cab booking services and where to download their apps online.

Please note that we do not have an affiliation with any of these taxi service apps, you are advised to carry out further independent research.

Taxi App In Lagos, Nigeria

Uber Taxi App

Uber is unarguably the pace setter and biggest taxi booking application in Nigeria, their platform boast of millions of passengers who rely on their service to search the nearest driver, book online, track the arrival and enjoy a convenient ride to their preferred destination. Passengers’ fee is calculated based on distance covered- as indicated by the mobile app.

For security reason, UBER collects all drivers’ details and their car information so that passengers can identify a driver before he arrives.

You can find more details about UBER and where to download here

Oga Taxi App

Oga Taxi is quite unique and an interesting ride-sharing service that promises to help you save up to 40% cost on taxi service in Lagos. The app lets you find a pool of people who are going to the same places, pool them into a rider based on your preference and share the cost among passengers. This is an effective strategy an everyday passenger will love due to the cost-sharing benefit.

To get started on the app, you need to download it from Google Play store, register, find a driver in your location (using the map locator) and track their arrival.


Another cab booking app that’s competing fiercely with Oga Taxi & UBER, Taxify aims to make car booking easier, simpler and faster by giving users an interactive platform to book a reliable driver, watch the driver and estimate ride rate before boarding. This is quite different from what you will get on Uber & Oga Taxi – the apps display what you will pay based on distance covered by the driver.

Taxify is available for FREE download from Android store

SmartCab Taxi App

With SmartCab taxi booking application, ride sharing is as easy as ABC; simply request for a driver and track him via GPS on a real-time, board, rate your experience during the journey and pay via your debit or credit card. You can download the application on your Android phone from the Play Store.

While these are some of the 4 best taxi applications in Lagos, Nigeria, it doesn’t mean that they are restricted to one location; for instance, UBER is available in Abuja, Port Harcourt and still expanding to more cities in Nigeria.

Feel free to share your experience if you have used UBER, Taxify, Oga Taxi or SmartCab taxi booking application.

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