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Traffic Situations In Lagos Nigeria – Get Traffic Updates in Lekki, Ikorodu, 3rd Mainland Bridge and Lagos Ibadan Express Way Today & Tomorrow on Mobile App.

One of worst nightmare of every new and professional driver in Lagos to “being stuck in traffic for hours”, it has a ripple effect of not only wasting hours that would have been spent on productive or revenue generating activities but also exposes one to the dangerous carbon mono oxide emissions from multiple cars and trucks.

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This is the reason it is always better to have an idea of the traffic situations in Lagos Nigeria before driving your car, but how do you know the locations in Lagos where there is more concentration of traffic before going out? how do you know the best alternative routes to ply so you can save time, avoid traffic congestions in Lagos? For example, when you are driving from the mainland to Lekki via Ikorodu road and 3rd mainland bridge, you know how that route can be? you could practically spend hours during early hours of the day. Is this what you love to face every week? definitely No.

This is where mobile applications come in, as a smartphone user, you can’t afford to ignore traffic information application on your device if you really to drive and get to your destination faster Lagos. In this guide, we will be sharing the best application to check traffic gridlocks in Lagos Nigeria.

Gidi Traffic App

This is one of the pioneers of traffic and navigation app in Lagos. Gidi Traffic app is a community based mobile app that lets you share real-time transit situations, updates in Lagos so that other users can take a quick decision with it. When you are driving and are getting close police checkpoints, accident scenes, or road traffic jams, the app immediately notifies you.

The app also comes with city maps so you can check job information, stores, places and connect with people around you for traffic information. Find more information about Gidi Traffic App here.

Tsaboin TrafficTalk app

Tsaboin Traffic Talk app is dubbed the twitter of Lagos traffic. Not only do users share live traffic information, experience and related issues via text and photos, there is a built-in camera technology that captures traffic conditions in selected areas like Apapa, Ikeja, Ikorodu, Lagos Island, Surulere, Yaba + more. Tsaboin mobile app is available for download on the

That’s all for now! Do you know any other mobile application built to provide real-time traffic updates in Lagos? Please share your comments.

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