UBA LEO Whatsapp Banking

Get UBA Leo WhatsApp Banking for Account Inquiries & Fund Transfer

UBA LEO Whatsapp Banking for UBA Customer Care & Banking Services Like Check Balance, Buy MTN, Airtime, Glo Airtime, Send Money from UBA to other Banks.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of Africa’s top-leading banks with operations in 20 countries in African as well as in London, New York and with a presence in Paris. Not long ago, UBA lunched Leo intelligent chat banker, which is a banking that helps UBA customers with banking transactions.

Recently, UBA went ahead to put the icing on the cake by integrating Leo with WhatsApp messenger.

The UBA’s Leo WhatsApp banking is a solution that was introduced from the customer’s standpoint, UBA’s Leo WhatsApp banking is very easy to use by anyone irrespective of their demography. UBA’s Leo WhatsApp banking is ready and waiting to help UBA customers with any form of banking services

The UBA chat banker, Leo, was introduced on September 1, 2018. With Leo now on WhatsApp, it’s good news for UBA customers who are lovers of the WhatsApp app as they will be able to open new accounts, check their account balances on the Check Balance

What you can do with the UBA Leo WhatsApp banking

You can top up your airtime, send money from one UBA account to another UBA account. You also use it to send money to other banks

How To UBA’s Leo WhatsApp Banking

  • The first step is to enrol for UBA Leo WhatsApp banking by adding Leo’s number to your contact, the number is +234 903 000 2455
  • Next, go to WhatsApp and search for UBA Chat Banking
  • You should find on your contact Leo’s contact with LEO’s picture
  • Next, click on the top bar and it will display “Verified as UBA Chat banking”
  • Then type “Hi” to get started
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Menu options are listed.

To start using UBA Leo WhatsApp banking after you must have set up your account, all you have to do is send Hi Leo to Leo on your WhatsApp Messenger App.

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