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Scan & Remove Malware On Your Mobile With Virus Cleaner App

Virus Cleaner App Download For Android, iPhone, iPad & Windows Phones – Get Real-Time Mobile Security, Internet Protection & Scan Malware, Virus For Your Mobile

Is your mobile device infected with a malware or a virus? Are you unsure maybe your existing antivirus mobile application has detected or removed it? Are you still having problems or you’re not sure where to turn to next? Worry no more as Virus Cleaner mobile application can help you.

Virus Cleaner mobile application uses cutting edge technology and this powerful tool can detect all types of malicious software on your mobile device which includes all kinds of spyware, viruses, and rootkits, Virus Cleaner mobile application will clean your phone and return it to a working state.

The application access virus data from Hi Security Lab and their global network of threat researchers, which will ensure that even the very current viruses are detected on your device and removed. And it works without interrupting the functionality of your device.

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Virus Cleaner App Download For Android, iPhone, iPad & Windows Phones & Enjoy These Amazing Features

The first of the amazing features is that Virus Cleaner mobile application works like junk cum virus cleaner, app lock, and phone booster. It detects viruses and removes the threats, removes all junks and cache files, as well boosts your battery charge process.

Virus Cleaner mobile application detects and cleans applications that cause overheating of the device. It also performs continuous monitoring of temperature changes and detects applications that consume a lot of CPU and start a cooling process, effectively reducing the temperature of the phone.

Virus Cleaner mobile application can also be used to block all unwanted calls. Enable this feature by adding the numbers or contacts to the block list at any time. The history of blocked calls can also be reviewed later.

Scan your phone automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It also scans both internal device memory and SD cards.  It blocks malicious URLs and protects your device from phishing websites with immediate alerts and future notifications.

The Virus Cleaner mobile application can is available for Android devices, you go visit the Google PlayStore now and install to secure your device 247.

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