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Watch & Download Hakkunde Movie Trailer On Mobile

Watch & Download Hakkunde Nigerian Nollywood Movie Trailer MP4 – Latest Nigerian Full Movies By Frank Donga, Seyi Law Now Showing At Silverbird Cinemas

Hakkunde is a complicated story of a young unemployed graduate faced with the difficulties of life. Akande who was under life’s pressure embarked on a journey for self-identity actualization, he relocated to Kaduna from Lagos when an opportunity showcases itself against his sister’s desires.But in the long run, his expectations were cut short and he was cut in a dilemma to either learn to survive or return back to failure. Watch out for the movie as the movie highlights humility, self-denial, the merit of steadfastness, the good result of harnessing opportunities and disclosing the demerit of greed, pride and inconsistency. The movie is scheduled to debut at the cinema across Nigeria on the 4th of August 2017.

Watch & Download Hakkunde Nollywood Movie Trailer:

Starring-Ali Nuhu, Toyin Abraham, Kunle Idowu(Frank Donga), Seyi Law, Rahama Sadau, Ibrahim Daddy, Isa Bello Ja, Maryam Booth and Hadiza Soja. Produced and directed by Asurf Oluseyi.

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